Moon Energy

Often in the early morning sky there are two entities. As the morning Sun rises we see our beautiful Moon fading in the distance. Its is a beautiful image of balance. Night and Day. Yin and Yang.

In yoga class, especially Vinyasa Yoga, we spend most of our time saluting the Sun. The Sun is a wonderful entity in our solar system, there is no denying it. However, our yoga practice tends to forget about the other very important entity residing in the sky, the Moon.

Chandra Namaskara (Moon Salutations)

In the yoga tradition the Sun symbolizes Shiva energy or masculine energy. Where as the Moon symbolizes Shakti energy or feminine energy. The word Yoga itself  means Union. So to me t only makes sense to balance the two energies. Both Salutations build strength and energy in the body. Where the Sun Salute is heating the Moon Salute in calming and cooling. Both have amazing effects on the physical disposition of the body, flexibly, breath and internal organs.

To me it makes most sense to start my yoga practice with Sun Salutations and gradually shift into moon salutations as I move from standing asanas into seated. The moon salutation sequence is a great way to calm the body and balance the emotions before back bends, seated twists and forward folds

Try Moon Salutations today.